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CarnioSacral integrative Medicine:

Heal your body with the help of CranioSacral Therapy ™.

Our Therapist helps you achieve the best results possible through Integrative medicine approach via CranioSacral Therapy for your ailment due to extensive expereience in successful treatment of vast range of physical, mental and emotional ailments of individuals.  Ranging from very simple as headaches to compex neuronal and cortical dysfunctional issues such as Parkinson's Disease of the Central Nervous System. See for yourself and feel the difference after treatment.

FREE Therapy for Cancer patients, Its our fight against Cancer Initiative. Click for details.




Therapist Al R. Zia

NIH Registered Clinical Researcher.


Licensed & Board Certified Therapist.

Specialist CranioSacral Integrative Medicine.™

FREE Therapy for Parkinson's Disease patients. See details below.(RESEARCH IN PROGRESS CURRENTLY)

Natural-Med Therapy in NEWS - Channel 13 WLOX-ABC/CBC

"Aetna Insurance (member: Fortune 100 Companies, Traded NYSE: AET) CEO Mark Bertolini surprised FORBES  at our conference in Tucson last month with his frank talk about alternative therapies and the need for the current health system to be “creatively destroyed.” Who would have thought the top man at one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies  with Revenue of

Decrease $ 32.7 billion (FY 2011) & 33,300 Employees (December 2011)

would be an advocate for CranioSacral Therapy..."-    FORBES MAGAZINE  1/10/2014



Who Are We:


The Natural-Med Therapy Clinic for CranioSacral Integrated Therapeutic Medicine is a Therapy Clinic for Parkinson’s Disease/Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, spinal/brain trauma, spinal Injuries, headaches, Migrane, fibromyalgia. The Clinic is a regional Quality Therapy Clinic whose Therapist is Board certified and registered Clinical Researcher, The Clinic is also a registered Research facility for Parkinson's Disease. Authorized by the Dept. Of Health and Human Services for the Clinical Research Study for Parkinson's Disease (Clinical Trials-National Institute Of Health- Govt ID # NCT-0198901). Link to OUR Offical Clinical Research Registry

Therapist at our clinic are dedicated to improving the patients current condition and, eventually, finding a right combination of integrative therapeutic induction for your disease where the goal is to:


1. Bring slowness in the symptoms of the disease.


2. Halt to the symptoms and Disease Progression.


3. And, then reversal of the symptomology and maintainance of the better YOU.


If you are seeking care for yourself or a loved one with a specific Disease or pain, we invite you to explore our site, and call for an appointment. We are committed to exploring all possible avenues to improve quality of life until there is a specific solution.


"For me to take my expendable income, so to speak, which is not a ton and invest it (in therapy) is well worth it...I Dont think you can put a money value on this service".


- College Professor Mr. Leider /Brain and spinal Trauma patient-

Recent Scan Of Robert Leider's Spine
-see video below


Health Issues

The Natural-Med Therapy Center addresses a wide range of client needs and conditions through our comprehensive range of integrative therapies. Whether you are living with a neurological disorder, a chronic illness or injury or other day-to-day challenges, we encourage you to contact the Center today to learn how we can help you achieve your specific health and wellness goals.

  • back and neck pain
  • headache and migraines
  • chronic pain
  • jaw / TMJ dysfunction
  • arthritis
  • muscle spasms, tension and aches
  • anxiety and depression
  • edema
  • trauma recovery/rehabilitation
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • sciatica
  • nerve pain
  • palliative care
  • holistic health care maintenance
  • women's health issues
  • pain management
  • tinnitus
  • cancer and oncology -we are offering Free Therapy for cancer patients. See our cancer care initiative page-
  • Several others:  Please see Therapy services page for detail information.

*ALERT* Parkinson's Disease Research and help, Call 248-688-5920*

Currently, we are conducting Clinical Research to the effect of CranioSacral Therapy on Parkinson's Disease. We are looking for three patients suffering from Parkinson's Disease for a February 2014 Clinical Trial. The qualified patients will receive FREE, bi-monthly (twice a month) therapy sessions for 3 months. Clinical Trial being part of Government (Department of Health and Human Services and National Institute Of Health) Protocol. therefore the participants therapy results may or may not be published in a medical publication or journal. call for more info.(RESEARCH IN PROGRESS CURRENTLY)




Aetna CEO EMBRACES Integrative Healthcare and welcomes our work and Tremendous benefit that we add to your HEALTH AND LIFE






Video of OUR Current Patients and their Recovery

Learn More about Natural-Med Therapy

Contact our Therapist Zia in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at (248) 688-5920 to schedule a get together.

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